Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Baby is Due Today!!

So my little guy is supposed to come out today but he decided to stay in one more day. I have had to go and get tested twice this week to see if my fluid is leaking, we think it's not but we are not sure so we are going to induce my labor tomorrow morning! Yeah! So the little guy will be here tomorrow(Friday the 26th) sometime. Check back early next week for pictures!! In the meantime here is a Christmas photo and some pics from my Park City shower.

Baby was in a Christmas mood!

My mom and her friend think I'm huge!!

The winner!! See I'm not that big.

Gotta love the puppy stuff!!

So a Best Buy update. They did end up calling me that night. Of course it was just before they closed and I was at the store so I didn't actually get to talk to them. It was the manger and he said the stacking kit would be installed at my house the next day first thing. Lucky for him he was right and they came and installed it. I do however have a dryer vent that they told me I needed to buy, that I didn't. So now I need to go and return it, and while I am there I am going to make some complaints. Yes I got done what I needed but I am still pretty mad about how it all went down and I am not going to let it go this time. I will let ya know how it goes when all is said and done.