Monday, November 28, 2011

May 2011

Well May was apparently jam packed so here we go...

Cousins at the bounce house

Ready for Malcolm's Mother's Day program

I love watching lines of

My Mother's Day painting

Malcolm and Kenneth helped me make a beautiful bouquet for my Mom. I got foot and hand prints from the both and made them into flowers. After she opened I put them in a cute pot.

Ready to give it to Nana

She loves it and her photo from Brandon and Ren

Nana with all her grand-kids

Kenneth at 6 months

He thought it was so funny to keep falling onto the dog

Cute brothers

Finally got him to sit for more than 3 seconds

Malcolm getting into the fray in soccer

Cousin Brandon was on his team this season

Future soccer stars

Now off to a fellow players Birthday party

Beware Sir Brandon and Sir Malcolm

So here we are at the U2 concert! We were so fortunate to have a wonderful friend who gave us his tickets that he was unable to use. It was so nice to get out just the two of us for a night.

Bono on the big screen

I loved how the stage kept changing colors...

and shape

Malcolm all set to graduate from preschool

Too cute

All graduated and being silly

Malcolm and his teacher Miss Emily

And here is Kenneth finally able to sit up fairly well

Thanks for reading this post!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

April 2011

Yeah it's Wyatt's Birthday! I made this kinda sad cake. This particular frosting recipe was pretty runny so yeah...that is why it looks so sad. It tasted good though.

I'm pretty sure I put 31 candles on it.

The boys in their jammies all ready for cake

Make a wish!

Dying Easter eggs with...

Cousin Brandon

Kenneth wants to help


Kenneth is a little bunny

So many eggs at Nana's house

Two baby bunnies

Now the big boys are bunnies

Easter morning...Kenneth looks great

Look how nice the Easter Bunny was

Kenneth found his feet

And he is happy about it


Sooooo cute!

Big brother loves me

Kenneth loves Grandpa

What a great looking family

Malcolm and his cousin

Just can't resist his smile

March 2011

So this month I threw my sister Miranda a baby shower for her little girl.

I made some yummy strawberry and chocolate cupcakes

I also made some bruchetta

Yeah for cute baby stuff

It also gave me an excuse to get a haircut. I really needed to cut it so I stopped doing the "I just had a baby ponytail"

Mmm...Kenneths first bite of rice

We also had a huge snowstorm..almost didn't fit it the snowblower