Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Educated Man

We went to Wyatt's graduation in Ogden on Friday. It was only about an hour which was nice since Malcolm was with us. Since it was on a Friday only my parents came. His parents were going to come but his Dad broke some ribs so was unable to attend. So now we bring you a bunch of pics so you all can feel like you there!!

There's my name!

Friends who helped me make it

Look at us all

So excited just to walk

This is it...I've done it!

I'm not letting go of this

Lacey made me these cool candy cords

Malcolm says oooo...so much fun here

Malcolm seems more interested in the poles

All done...yeah!!


EngineeringNerd said...

You look like a graduate!

Mars said...

Congrats! Between the diploma and the glasses, Wyatt looks all kinds of smart.

Nate and Chelsea said...

That is pretty fantastic! So what now? Going for a Master's? ;P heh.

The-Doug.com said...

Now you have more Wii time! woot!