Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday and Bangs!!!

Today is my wonderful wife Lacey's birthday. I wanted to wish her the happiest birthday. Since she is so special and I am most loving husband and have no shame I am going to share with you all a poem I wrote.

She has a smile like a warm summer breeze,
that makes you happy even when she makes you eat peas.(ask Malcolm)

She has eyes that light up every room,
so when things are bad, run to her and there will be no gloom. (just ask Malcolm)

She has lips so soft you just want to stay,
when you are hurt they make the pain go away. (you get the idea)

She has a voice so soft and sweet,
when she sings a lullaby to Malcolm it's my favorite treat.

She has hair so pretty brown and long,
and to me it smells like the sweetest song.

but the thing she has above all the rest,
is the one thing I must say that I like best.

She loves her family with all her heart everyday,
and shows us how much she cares in every way.

Happy Birthday Lacey. We love you!!

Some might say sexy bangs on an awesome birthday, does it get any better than this? To them I say yes... yes it does! In a word DISNEYLAND!


Lacey said...

Oh honey you made me cry...thank you!

Lacey said...

OMG! I just noticed that the Disneyland sign says..."Happy Birthday Lacey" on it! I thought you were just referencing the fact that we are going there next IT!

Mars said...

Wow! what a sweetie! Happy Birhtday again, Lace. Wyatt deserves a kiss (or more) for this!