Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trip Post 1-St.George it is...the moment you have been waiting for...trip pictures!! Well actually only a few because my Mom has most of them...but I will be getting them from her on Sunday. Besides there is so much to tell that I want to break it up into several post anyway.

So we left on Saturday afternoon and spent the night in St.George. After dinner we moseyed on up to the temple and found that they do lights there too! I suppose I should know that but I didn' So here are a few pics of us enjoying the lights without freezing. Oh and they are not that great because we still are not very good at taking pics in low light...we will figure it out one day.

Malcolm seeing his first Manger scene. He liked the cow...he thought it was fun to pet it

We got these cool glasses at Lowes. When you look through them they make lights look like different shapes, like Santa, or a Snowman.

We got the ones that make them look like Stars. Hee we put the glasses over the eh?

So this was a super long exposure of some lights...I think it looks neat...too bad I didn't do it on

Overall view of the grounds...kinda blurry but still pretty.

A beautiful rose covered in Christmas lights. Don't see that in Salt Lake

Pretty manger scene ornament on the tree in the visitors center

Malcolm found another manger scene...he promptly pointed at the baby and said Jeshush. That Christmas story library book really worked!

They have their own statue too...I love all the painting they do of the heavens.


Mars said...

Ok so that rose: something you don't see in Salt Lake, right? How about this: they also do lights at the Mesa, AZ temple. On palm trees. It's like the Twilight Zone!

Cute pics! I still haven't seen very many! More!