Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Workbooks Ever!

So being a preschool teacher you would think that I would already be all over Malcolm's learning but really I have been quite lazy about it. Yes he is smart and knows quite a bit but really he could know a ton more and I intend for him to be reading before he starts Kindergarten so I need to get a move on! I went to Utah Idaho Supply last week and I found the coolest workbooks. They are laminated books that just wipe off so he can do them over and over. He absolutely loves them and I have a hard time getting him to stop doing them once we get started. It also saves me money seeing as I won't have to keep buying more books. He can practice writing his letters over and over without wasting so much paper.

Also that store is seriously like a candy store for me. I just want to buy all the cool learning games and I suddenly have the urge to make a super cute bulletin board to display all of Malcolm's Obviously I miss working sometimes but I couldn't be happier to stay home. It is so great for me to witness my own child's learning. I know little kids are super smart and really can learn so much but seriously when I see my own child doing it I get totally blown away. I have personally taught loads of kids and have seen all of this before but there is just something about seeing Malcolm pick up on things that just amazes me. Anyway I took a few pics of the books and if anybody wants help knowing what to buy for their little ones just let me know.


Chelsea said...

I know what you mean about Utah Idaho Supply. LOVE that place! I could so waste a fortune there. And I love the laminated books! So awesome!!

Dena said...

Ooooohhhh!!! I want those for Bug & Dude! Those would be awesome because once Bug was done with them we could just pass them onto Dude!
I'll have to check the school supply store in town to see if they have them.