Thursday, May 05, 2011

June 2010

Bike riding cousins

We got these Toy Story bikes on clearance for the boys for only $40 each!

Auntie Manda joining the fun

Go Dog Go


Boat boys

Driving already? We are in trouble

Sweet Dragon

Swing time

It was so hot that day but they had a blast anyway

Snack Break on the train

Children's Museum

Water play

Bring the tractor round with them horseshoes Brandon

Digging for artifacts

Little Gym Performance


Up and over

So high

Way to hang!

The beam...his hardest equipment

Look no hands!

Sweet moves

Way to be Malcolm!

Father's Day

Daddy and Malcolm

Malcolm gives Papa a card

Daddy gets one too!

What do you think of my tie?

Self Portrait

Water Fun

Ahhh....don't shoot me!

Yeah that's right...shoot each other