Sunday, November 20, 2011

January 2011

Whew..made it to 2011! Early this month we blessed Kenneth. Our church was at 2:30pm this year and I decided to have everybody over before the blessing for some lunch. That was probably not the best decision I ever made. There was a lot of rushing and running around. It's amazing that we made to the church on time. Poor Wyatt was pretty frazzled too but in the end the blessing went well and Kenneth looked super cute in the same blessing outfit that Malcolm wore.

So chubby you can't see his bowtie...hee hee

yummy fist

What a smile

Malcolm turned 4 this year and we decided to just go out with a couple of his friends to Jungle Jims. We went to Hires for dinner and cake and presents first.

Wow a calendar from Jackie and Dottie

Mom and Dad got me my own camera!

Toy Story cake with 4 candles

Aww Kenneth is sad he an't have any

On to the fun at Jungle Jims

Riding on the jeeps

Can we all get on this...yes..yes we can

Swing like a monkey

Ready to go fast

Whoa that was a late night

Random pic of Jackie and Malcolm being dragons