Tuesday, November 22, 2011

April 2011

Yeah it's Wyatt's Birthday! I made this kinda sad cake. This particular frosting recipe was pretty runny so yeah...that is why it looks so sad. It tasted good though.

I'm pretty sure I put 31 candles on it.

The boys in their jammies all ready for cake

Make a wish!

Dying Easter eggs with...

Cousin Brandon

Kenneth wants to help


Kenneth is a little bunny

So many eggs at Nana's house

Two baby bunnies

Now the big boys are bunnies

Easter morning...Kenneth looks great

Look how nice the Easter Bunny was

Kenneth found his feet

And he is happy about it


Sooooo cute!

Big brother loves me

Kenneth loves Grandpa

What a great looking family

Malcolm and his cousin

Just can't resist his smile