Friday, September 22, 2006

Why was I upset again??

So here I am sitting at a lovely desk answering a phone. I am making more money than I was before and I don't have to deal with all kinds of things that I used to. No diapers, no lifting, no dirty clothes, and most importantly no freaky politics. When it all went down I thought things were out of control and everything was going to pot, but now that it's all over I know that it really was all for the best. It's funny how that always seems to happen. You would think that by now I would just know that things will always work out for the best, Wyatt even said that to me when I called him freaking out. I suppose that why I married him, I need him to calm me down in situations, just like sometimes I need to rile him up in others.

The house is going very well, all the framing is done and I am pretty sure the windows went in this week. We will get some updated pictures of it all this weekend.

I went to my midwife on Monday and she told me that I have partial previa. That is where the placenta is partially blocking my cervix. If the placenta was completely blocking the cervix it would be called placenta previa. She said that 90% of the time the placenta gets pulled out of the way of the cervix as the uterus grows, and nothing happens. Right now all it means is that I get to have another ultrasound at 32 weeks to check on it. If it moves then all will be well, if it doesn't it means that I will have to have a cesarean. Chances are that it will move though so we are not worried about it at this point. Now lots of you are asking if we have a name picked out yet and we don't. We have a few in mind but we are still thinking about it. Others have been asking what colors we plan on doing his room in. We are going to do green with brown and blue. I have a couple of different themes picked out but we are still deciding which one we like the best.

Well I wish that I had some witty remark to end this post with...but...I don' with it.


jimcalkins said...

Too bad I already ruined the name James for ya. You could always go with Action Jackson Barret...that kind of name hasn't been done since the 70's!