Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So...I'm boring...

Ok well I guess I am not that boring, I guess I just feel boring. I went to a concert last week and it was loads of fun and I loved it, but I don't feel like running around telling everybody about it. I went to a book party a couple of days later and again I had a good time, I just don't feel like all the things that I do are exciting. I suppose what I am saying is that I feel that I should be more excited about all the things that I do. I mean really, I am going to have a baby, my house is doing great(more on that later), and I still find time between work and birthing class to go to concerts and parties. Why am I not jumping off the walls with excitement like I used to when things like this happened?? Ah well, I guess I will just have to take a minute from my busy routine and reflect on how great things are so that I can be happy for myself instead of just feeling like I am drifting through a boring existance.

So the house, we have a roof, windows, heating, and plumbing, and they are putting in the electrical as we speak. Next week we are meeting with the contractor for our 4-way meeting. Once we have the meeting they will put up the drywall and things will really start to look like a house. Here is where I should say how I can hardly contain my excitement about it since it looks like it could actually be done in November. Maybe its just not real to me yet, yeah, that's what I am going to go with...ha ha. So this picture was last week before they put in the windows, I will get more pics this week sometime hopefully.

They baby is doing great. He moves around a lot, although Wyatt hasn't been able to feel him yet. We finished our birthing class this week which is good because Wyatt is quite busy and could use the free evening. I do want to say that I am excited about the baby, I guess I just feel like I should be more excited, although maybe it's the same thing with the house, it's just not real to me yet. Maybe I need to go shopping, that always seems to help. Anyways maybe it's just the rain I'm sure I will feel right as rain soon...er...whatever.