Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Job!

So Wyatt started his new job this week. He likes it so far...oh and for those of you who don't know...Wyatt got a new job!! LOL...we are very excited because it is 7 miles from our house and he got a 25% pay raise over his old job, as well as better benefits. It is a New York based company called Seamless Web. He is working with one other guy to maintain the servers.

Malcolm found his thumb last week and seems to love it. He is 3 months now and is just growing so fast and becoming cuter by the minute! My sister is expecting her son Brandon on the 21st and my sister-in-law Evelyn is expecting her son on the 16th. Malcolm will have two cousins his age real is going to be so much fun for them. Anywho here are some pics of Wyatt's birthday and Malcolm with his thumb in his mouth.


Natasha said...

nice pictures. I especially like Wyatt's cheese with the Eiffel tower.