Friday, May 25, 2007

Come on People!

So I was at the Post Office the other day getting some of those dang two cent stamps. I had to wait in a long line because our Post Office seems to be quite understaffed. Malcolm is sleeping contendedly in his car seat at my feet and I am just waiting paitently for my turn at the counter. All of a sudden I hear a lady saying "No, no, no, no!" and rushing up the line towards me. I look down and there is her toddler starting to reach into the the car seat to presumably grab Malcolm. His mother grabs him before he is able to touch him and I am just stunned, she says sorry and I say still a little shocked "Oh it's ok" while thinking to myself that it's a good thing that he didn't wake Malcolm up. I forget about the incident until a few minutes later it happens again! This time I am mad, I mean if you know that your child is prone to grabbing babies would you let them run around when there are babies around, especially when he had just done it?? I didn't say anything to the lady but I gave her the evil eye, and mumbled something to the person next to me about my child almost getting mauled. As I left she was holding her child and trying to avoid my gaze, which again was taking on that evil eye quality. I was somewhat relieved to see that she looked completely embarrassed, as she should be, not for the child's actions but her inability to watch him properly. After all he doesn't know any better but she does and needs to take responsibility for his actions.

Anywho here are some more pics of Brandon and his proud parents this time. Brandon is doing very well and he and mom are at home today.