Thursday, May 31, 2007

You Know You Wish You Were Me!

I mean I know that many of you do already, but now I know the rest of you really will. So Wyatt's new job is based in New York and they are having a company party there in July. They pay for his flight and hotel and are also contributing $150 towards a second airline ticket. Since we have a bunch of miles I can fly for yes...I'm going...see now you wish you were me right? Just wait, it gets better. Our hotel is in Times Square, check it out HERE. We fly in on Wednesday night and while Wyatt works for a bit on Thursday I will go out with the other wives to go shopping and to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. The party is on Thursday night on a yacht that will sail around the Statue of Liberty with dinner and dancing. Friday we will take a double decker bus tour of NYC and that evening we are going to see The Lion King. We chose that one because it's a little bit older, so cheaper. Also I don't think it will ever travel because it is too elaborate, whereas Wicked will be here next year. We will leave on Saturday. Ok so now that you are jealous lets talk about the drawbacks.

We have chosen to leave Malcolm with my mom. Now don't worry he will be having a grand time with Grandma Tutor, who no doubt will spoil him. I am just a little nervous about leaving him, but only because I will be sad. I know that he will be fine and that he will probably hardly notice that I am gone, but I still feel bad. We would take him but I don't think it is fair to subject him to such a long flight, and he will probably have a harder time, since his schedule will get all messed up, than if we just leave him. We also would have to get a sitter for the party as well as the show and I would rather leave him with people that he knows and that I trust. I told Wyatt that I will probably cry on the way there, but I am sure that once I get there and am reassured that Malcolm is fine that I will have a good time. I am trying to be excited now, but sometimes it is hard because I will be without my baby. Anyway enough whining...lets go back to you all being!