Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been to Ikea!!

That's right....I went shopping at Ikea this Saturday 4 days before it opened. I know you are thinking to yourselves...what?? Heh...my Dad's friend's daughter, Anna, works there. They had a family and friends event on Saturday. In order to get in you had to have a special car pass. Anna had a few car passes and gave one to my parents, so we all piled into our car with little Malcolm and went. All I have to say is....AWESOME!! It has two levels, the top floor is set up with minature apartments to display all their stuff. Each item has a tag that tells you where to find the said item. The bottom floor is all the kitchen stuff, bedding, lights, pictures, and the self serve warehouse. When you enter you are given a map and asked to go up the stairs to start on a laid out path. They have this path to keep things flowing and to keep things from getting crazy. You can just skip to the bottom floor if you like though. They also have a cafe upstairs where they have Swedish meatballs and Lingonberry juice, which we had...lol.

Ok so on to the good stuff...what we bought. We got a plastic bag holder, for all those grocery bags, for $1.99. We got a magnetic knife holder for $14.99, a baby bathtub for $6.99, 2 sets of 6 glasses for 6.99 each and...a TV stand! The TV stand was $220 and matches our coffee tables perfectly. It has glass doors on the front and is great quality. We knew we had to put it together so we figured that it wouldn't be the best quality since we have a bookcase and a dresser that we put together and they are made from pressboard and laminate. This TV stand is solid wood and was easy to put together. It took Wyatt a little over an hour to put it together all by himself, I was busy with Malcolm so I couldn't help. We are so excited that it is good quality because we want to get a dining room table there. They also have a ton of great kids furniture as well as some cool wood toys that are really great prices. Oh I almost forgot...we also got 15% off everything because of Anna's discount...whoot!

I also have to tell you that it is going to be CRAZY when it opens Wednesday. I heard that there are people camped out for the opening already. There were a ton of people there just for the friends and family day, I think everybody in the valley is planning on going this week so expect it to take you a good 3 hours at least to get around the whole store. We were there for two and Anna said it had been busier earlier that day. Oh and don't forget I live really close to the Ikea so give me a call when you plan on going, maybe I will come with you since that place rocks!

Ok so before anybody asks Miranda's infection is gone, she only had to stay the one night. Also she was due yesterday and still has't had the baby. She plans on waiting till Friday before she thinks about inducing. I will let you all know what happens. I also have some Mother's Day photo's to post but I need to get them from my Mom's computer so you will just have to settle for a couple of Ikea related pictures. Enjoy!!

The Pass

Even I got to go before you!

The TV stand

Malcolm in his new suit...not Ikea related...lol


RaeLynn said...

Hey Wyatt! I'm not sure how the heck I came across your blog, but I went blog hopping and ended up here! I'm insanely jealous about your IKEA experience, and you have an adorable family! congrats!