Monday, June 04, 2007

Rolling, rolling, rolling....

So he has done it...Malcolm rolled over all by himself! It happened on Friday, June 1st. He has been able to roll all the way over on his side for weeks now but since he always has his fingers in his mouth his arm was always in the I have been showing him how to move his arm up and out of the way hoping he would get it. I decided that since he hates tummy time that I would have better luck with getting him to roll off his tummy and onto his back. He will do it if you get his attention and get him to crane his neck around. I used a rattle and got him to roll over a bunch today, he is getting better at it already. I am going to keep working with him on rolling the other way now, it should be fun. He also turned 4 months last Tuesday and I can't believe how big he is. I have been taking his picture with a stuffed dog every month to show his growth. The first pic if of him at one month old, the second is at 4 months.

We went to Joshua's blessing this Sunday (J and Ev's son). We had a great time with Wyatt's family, especially since all the Great-Grandparents were there. We took Great-Grandpa Jasperson home so to Payson which was nice since he hadn't seen Malcolm yet. There is a pic of Malcolm with him below as well.



Too cute...I know