Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vonage Sucks!

Ok so we had Vonage service for a while and the service was not that great. It would often go down for hours for no reason, and no matter what we did or how many times we called it would only come back on when it felt like it. Not to mention it took forever to get our previous number ported and then when we tried to have it ported somewhere else they wouldn't do it. Also their customer service agents are terrible. Heaven forbid you ask them something that is not on their script. I should have known since it took me two hours just to sign up for the service. Consequently we have switched to Comcast (if you want to know our new number just call my cell phone and it is on the message).

When I called to cancel our Vonage account I was planning on being nice, that was before I found out that they were going to charge me a $40.00 disconnection fee. That made me mad so when the guy, who could barely speak english, asked me if there was anything else he could do for me I said "I just want you to know that your service sucks and that I am going to tell everybody I know how horrible you are and I hope that your company goes down the crapper." Sweet language I know but I was so tired of their crap. On a side note Vonage is not doing well, they are getting sued...heh heh heh.

So here I am telling everybody I know to NEVER use Vonage. Their customer service is hardly service, everybody who works there seems to be a complete moron, and they take forever to get anything done. Oh yeah and the actual "service" they offer doesn't work half the time. So there, I have fulfilled my promise. Take that Vonage!

Ok rant over....now on to the real reason anybody ever comes here...pictures!

Father's Day...sweet Wii bag!

Wii points too! Lucky!

The Three Dad's..similar to The Three Ahaaaaaaaaaaaamigo's
Oh and that is baby Brandon amidst the wrapping.

Check out my new exersaucer!

Whoa...what is this...

She made me put them on

Oh yeah...spikey hair!

I got a jumper too! Love it!


Evelyn said...

how did you get the ticker to post on your blog i tried to do it a long time ago and it would not work for me.

Evelyn said...

never mind i figured it out finally my laptop would not let me do it so i tried on my desk top computer and it worked

Jimbo said...

Way to go on the crap-slinging! Not that we'd ever get a VOIP service anyway, but if we do, we'll stay away from Vonage. BTW, I love the new website layout!