Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New York New York!

So we have returned from our trip. For those of you who are clueless as to what I am talking about shame on you for not reading my blog! Of course if were clueless and are now reading my blog...yeah for you, you chose the right thing. Ok anyway we have had quite an adventure with this trip so I guess the best place to start is at the beginning.

Our flight was leaving at 6am on Wednesday morning so we stayed the night at my parents house so that Malcolm wouldn't wake up in a strange place, and so we didn't have to haul everything up there in the middle of the night. Our plan was to go up after Wyatt got off of work but since the site freaked out and crashed I ended up packing everything up and going up there by myself. I spent the evening loving Malcolm to death since I wasn't going too see him until late Saturday night, and then I bored my Mother death telling her every little detail about how to take care of him. Wyatt arrived at my parents house at 2 am and slept until 4 am. We then rushed down to the airport and checked our bag...which took forever and barely made our flight. Our friends Bob and Lynnae we a little later than us and missed the flight. At our stopover in Dallas we ran to our connection and barely made that.

Once we finally arrived in New York we were told that Wyatt had to go to work right away because the dinner rush was coming up on the site and he needed to be there in case it crashed again (this was not part of the plan). After checking in at the Hotel Wyatt ran off to work and I settled in. I was going to go out to get something to eat since we had yet to eat anything that day but then it started pouring rain, so I took a nap instead. At 8:30 we all went to have dinner at a very lovely family style Italian restaurant. Luckily enough the site worked fine so we didn't have to worry about it the rest of the trip. After dinner Wyatt and I walked around Times Square and marveled at all the lights and the people. It was 11:00pm and there were tons of people everywhere! After that we went back to our crazy modern hotel and crashed. Oh and btw our hotel was on just off Times Square.

Thursday we awoke at 8am and called Bob and Lynnae, who had gotten in late the night before. Bob and Wyatt met and headed off to the office for a glorious day of meetings. Lynnae and I took our time getting ready and then met up for breakfast and shopping! We had planned on getting our nails done but couldn't find a nail place in Time Square. It ended up being fine because Lynnae needed to get an outfit for the party that night anyway. We went to Macy's and a whole bunch of cute little shops on the way. She ended up getting a cute black dress and some red shoes. I had planned on wearing my black and white dress and I bought the same red shoes as her, we decided that would be fun! We also both bought some jewelry as well.

At 4pm the boys returned from work and we all rested at the hotel for awhile until our party. We took a taxi to the east river and got on a boat that had hoer durves and an open bar. Not that the open bar was exciting for us...but some people were pretty excited about it. The boat left at 9pm and cruised up the east river. It was a lot of fun to see all the buildings lit up. After a while we ended up at a restaurant called the Water's Edge. Inside there was a wonderful buffet and dancing. At the awards ceremony Bob won the Developer of the Year award and the IT department won the Department of the Year award. So even though Wyatt has only worked there for two months he still got an award for being part of the IT department. After the awards we danced for a bit more and then went back to the hotel.

Friday we met Bob and Lynnae in the Lobby just after 9am. We headed to a cheap breakfast place Lynnae and I had seen while shopping. Afterwards we took a double decker bus tour. It was fun because you could get off and on and any of the stops that you wanted. We drove by the a lot of sights including the Empire State building and Madison Square Garden. At China Town/Little Italy we got off to do a little shopping. I tried to get some Tommy Girl for $10 but never found any. In Little Italy we got some sorbet that was served inside the frozen shell of the fruit. We also saw someone who had an i-Phone, Wyatt was excited especially since he got to touch it. Back on the bus we drove by the World Trade Center site, we didn't get off though because you can't see anything since there is a construction barrier. The bus then went past the UN and up to the Rockefeller Center. We decided to go back to the hotel so I could pump rather than get off at Rockefeller. After I pumped we walked back to Rockefeller and walked around there. When then met a couple of the guys from work for dinner at Brazilian grill. After dinner it was time for our show!

We saw The Lion King...and oh wow! It was by far the best show that Wyatt and I have ever seen. The costumes were so cool and the singers were all wonderful. I was so impressed with the set and how inventive everything was. I won't talk about everything in the show since this is the world's longest post already. After the show we of course went back to the hotel and slept.

Saturday we didn't get up and about until after 10am. We met Bob and Lynnae in the lobby and got some lunch, since breakfast had already passed us After that we had to find a 7-Eleven since they have been turned into a Kwik E Mart for the Simpsons movie. After checking it out we split up, Bob and Lynnae went shopping for their kids while Wyatt and I got on the Subway to catch the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. The ferry is free and offers a great view of the statue so we thought it was worth our time. After that we went back to our hotel and got a cab with Bob and Lynnae to the Newark airport.

No, we didn't go to the top of any tall buildings since it cost like $30-40 a person and you had to wait forever. All in all though I feel like I got to see a lot of stuff and had a good time. I did call my Mom like 5 times a day to check on Malcolm...he had a great time...I knew he would. We ended up buying Malcolm a onsie that says I heart NY on it and a magnet for our fridge. We also bought my Mom a bell for her collection as thanks for watching Malcolm. At The Lion King show we bought a mug that says New York on one side, and obviously says The Lion King on the other.

Ok so onto the pictures... I have over 200 photo's so HERE is a link to them on the web. And since I can' t help myself here are a couple of pics of Malcolm from before our trip.

Hitting the spoon is pretty funny!

Killer Shades

Swimming...gotta love it


dragonb said...

sounds like tons of fun, we are very jealous!


Lynnae Dunn said...

It was fun to see all the pics! Brings back lots of fun memories! :) The pics of Malcom are really cute, as always. He so sweet!
You guys are awesome! We just adore you!


Lacey said...

Wow, I'm adored...sweet! It wouldn't have been the same without you Lannae! We adore YOU!

EngineeringNerd said...

Fun pictures! Looks like you had a great time!