Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Target...A New Laxative??

So almost every time I go to Target Malcolm poops. And not just a little...but a lot. Often out of his diaper and consequently onto his clothes. It has never happened anywhere else, just Target. So I have decided that I simply cannot go to Target anymore. Blowouts are bad enough without being at a store. You try holding your squirmy baby in a nasty bathroom while trying to get the poopy clothes at least rinsed so you can salvage them. I don't go to Target all that much so I guess it is not that much of a loss...but still. At least I know what I need to do in case Malcolm ever gets backed up...lol.

Ok enough gross parenting talk and onto fun parenting talk. Malcolm is now officially 7 mo old. Yeah for the big boy! He is also so close to crawling its crazy. I expect him to take off any day now. He gets on his hands and knees and does the rocking back and forth move. Today he even got his knees to scoot a couple of times. He is also really close to pulling up all the way on things

We have also made some progress in the solid foods department. Malcolm was absolutely refusing to eat any solids after having eating rice cereal well for a couple of months. We decided to just take a break for a bit and try again. On Monday we tried some sweet potatoes. I got him to eat a few bites and I let him play with the food to get a feel for it. He grabbed the spoon and tried to feed himself. He did manage to get it in his mouth a few times. When he would take it out of his mouth I would scoop more food onto the spoon with another one so I wouldn't have to take it from him. He ate about a tablespoon and I called it good. I have also gotten some of those Gerber Puffs for him to try later this week. I am hoping that his reluctance to eat is just because he wants to feed himself. I plan to keep taking it slow and not stress about it. He will eat when he is ready. He still breast feeds great and is gaining the correct amount of weight for his weight category so I really do need to chill.

I have also started watching a 3 month old named Mason. His family is in our ward and are great. Mason is a good baby and Malcolm just loves him! He is always trying to grab him...lol. I keep a close watch though so he doesn't hurt him. Malcolm also loves his cousin Brandon who was here this weekend. We took some pics of them in their matching Trogdor onsies, as well as their matching suits.

Wyatt worked on the sprinklers most of the day Saturday. Thanks to Joe and Jim for helping!! He will be working on them again this Saturday but all the hard parts are done. Hopefully he will be able to finish since school started yesterday and he will have loads of homework again.

Anywho here are pics of all our adventures this week.

Mmm...high chair food

How do I get that stuff that tastes good?

Oh...that's how...weird.

Look mom I can pull up...kinda

Ok thanks for the help mom...this is much better

Mason...cool...who does your hair?

Ah I see...wonderful

We have so much fun together!

Which one is the dragon and which one is the man?
Or are they a dragon man?
Or are they just TROGDOR!!

Hmmm Brandon looks good too...

Yep...pretty good.

Yep...that's my mom

Watch out...ladies

Yep...that's Auntie Miranda

Whoa....now really watch out...ladies

Digging under the sidewalk...oh yeah...fun!

Alright Mom...enough with the photos...
you are putting us to sleep!


dragonb said...

Very fun, he's a cute little guy. I especially love the Trogdor!

Our most public blowout happened at Cold Stone so we sympathize!

Bob said...

I also love the onsies. Tragdor lives!!! Anyway, lets not get started with blowouts. My daughters do this on a regular basis. For some reason, the idea of getting ready for church is laxitive enough for our daughters. Talk to you later.

Jimbo said...

Cute babies...cute babies...
ok, now the real reason I'm commenting:
ummm...you took a picture of my butt. Sure, your husband is in the pic, holding a pick, and smiling, but I'm pretty sure that's a butt shot.

Lacey said...

Ha ha...I thought you might say that Jim...sorry...next time you come and help us don't work so hard and that won't happen. Try standing around more like Wyatt...that is how you get good pictures.

Anonymous said...

Yes your kid is amazingly cute!
And I love the picture in my head of Wyatt changing a baby at Target
even though it was probably you Lacey- no more target for you!!!
- Candy

Anonymous said...

nice butt jim, bring it on!