Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So Malcolm has taken to growling this past week. It's pretty funny, he sits on floor with a toy and just growls. He has also started to stick his tongue out while he is doing it...he seems fascinated with it right now. He also is working hard on trying to move. Right now he mostly scoots a bit while sitting but he has been leaning farther and farther forward to get stuff. He still hates being on his tummy and every time I try to help him get on his knees he just tries to stand up. I think that the crawling will have to come from the sitting position. He is getting good at pulling himself up while holding my hands. He has yet to pull up on anything else though. He was trying with his car seat today though.

When my mom was watching him the other day she said that she found him sitting up in his crib!! I don't know how he did it but I am not surprised. I have been showing him how to do it all last week. She freaked and said to make sure we lower the crib. I thought it was crazy because I had just said to myself that we should lower it and I meant to have Wyatt do it before we went out that night but I got sidetracked and forgot. Needless to say we did it first thing in the morning.

Other than that we are just working on the yard. The rock wall is done and we have a guy coming to dig the trenches for our sprinklers. Hopefully we can get them in over the next couple of weekends...and then...grass!! I am excited for the grass...I want it in so that Malcolm and I can go sit on it this fall. Anywho enjoy some pics!

Check out my hat!

Calling for backup



Contemplating my cuteness

I am happy about my tongue

Whoa....it's long...

Let me lick you


I'm gonna get it...

Rock Lobster...wait...just Rock

View from the deck


Jimbo said...

Those rocks are totally going to be in the way of our underground fort! Although, you did give me a good idea for lobsters as guards for the secret entrance, so I'll forgive you.

Wyatt said...

What you don't see is the rocks conceal the secret entrance thus keeping it 'secret'....D'oh...great Jimbo now everyone knows.

Lacey said...

What's the ETA of those lobsters?? I could use a good meal...er...I mean a good guard lobster posse. Cause lobsters wouldn't look conspicuous here in Utah...no sir.

Evelyn said...

malcolm looks too cute sticking his tongue out! he is getting big!