Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oodles of cuteness!!

Malcolm...oy he is so cute I just can't stand it! We did have a rough week last week with both his top teeth coming though. His bottom teeth took like a month to come through but his top ones came through over night. Needless to say he was quite a little bear for a couple of days, not that I blame him. All I can say is yeah for Tylenol!! After the teething though he was happy as a clam. He talks to me all day long and is exploring more areas of the house now. He crawls around the kitchen table and thinks its great fun. We got a gate for the stairs and are putting it up this week. Thankfully he has yet to even try to go by them.

He also can now pull himself up on the stools, the coffee table and the couch. He only seems to do it when I am not looking He has been pulling up on me for awhile but was too scared to do it on something else by himself. I think the crib helped him getting over that. He keeps standing up in the crib at bedtime and then cries cause he can't get He also will sit up in the middle of the night when he wakes up a little bit and then cries cause he can't lay back down. I will go in there and he is half asleep crying sitting up. I lay him down and he zonks back out. I am going to have to teach him how to lay down from sitting up without falling over.

We went to Great-Grandpa Jasperson's 85th birthday last week and had a lot of fun. Malcolm go to crawl around and explore new things, and his Most of the pics I took were blurry because we need a new camera. We never used to have a problem with it but it seems to be getting worse and worse. I will get some from Wyatt's Dad and hopefully they will be better.

I took Malcolm to the park on Tuesday and got some really great pics of him in the swings. He loved it! He got really mad at me for taking him I had fun too since it was a group play date with a bunch of mom's from my neighborhood. We had lunch on the grass and the kids got to run around, or crawl

Well enjoy the pics!!

Unhappy...but you can seen my first tooth and
a bit of the second one too!
(I need to get a new one with all of his teeth...hah)

Blocks...who knew

Here I come

Oh I just want to squeeze those cheeks!

Wyatt's the eyes

Look...all by myself!

Hee...I am not sleeping...naptime over

Checking out the pigs at Great-Grandpa's Party


Our Little Sunshine


Lorena said...

Malcolm is the cutest baby ever! Those dimples are just adorable (Wyatt) and those dark brown eyes (Lacey), great job kids. He is fun, fun, fun!

Love Gamma