Friday, September 28, 2007

Die Solicitors!

I am so tired of the solicitors here! I get at least one a week, usually two or three. I guess I have just been spoiled because in Park City we rarely got any, you had to be really dedicated to go door to door up there. I am really mad because they always ring the doorbell. I need to put out a a NO SOLICITING sign but somehow I don't think those deter many of them. I was thinking more along the lines of DIE SOLICITOR DIE. Or maybe a sign by the doorbell that says IF YOU RING ME AND WAKE THE BABY BE PREPARED FOR THE WRATH OF HELL. That is what happened yesterday. Some realtor wanting to know if we wanted to sell our house or refinance rang the bell. First of all why would I refinance with someone who needs to go door to door to get business?? Second of all you woke my baby and now I hate you.

I know some of you may say don't answer the door but my builder still comes by now and then to fix some stuff, or I have Mason coming and often it is people from church. I don't want to change my life because of door to door salesman. If I wanted an exterminator to protect my home from bugs I would call you, if I wanted some amazing new cleaner I would find it on the Internet, if I wanted your crappy art... well I wouldn't want your crappy art so go away! DIE SOLICITORS!!

Oh and I got a picture of Malcolm's teeth. I had Wyatt tickle him while I took pics. He is 8 months now and and is doing great. He was standing by the bathtub and let go and stood by himself a couple of days ago. Granted it was only for a couple of seconds but it's a start. He has also figured out how to sit down from standing up so he cries about it less now.


Upsidedown teeth

Mmmm...big spoon

Such a good helper.