Monday, October 29, 2007

No Bubbles!!

So Malcolm was sick last week. He had a high fever, usually around 103 but often getting to 104 and one time to 105. The one time he got up to 105 it was Sunday night at 11pm and he woke up crying and was super hot. We had already given him some Motrin earlier so we weren't sure what to do. Then he started shaking. We freaked and went to the ER. Sure enough he was at 105. While there they told us that we can give him Motrin and Tylenol at the same time. They also checked his ears and throat...nothing. They then did a chest X-ray to rule out Pneumonia. It was clear. They sent us home and said keep him medicated and see your pediatrician tomorrow. The next day at the Dr they took a urine sample via catheter and and then sent me to get his blood drawn. Later that day I decided to give Malcolm a bath because he likes them. I thought to myself hey...why not a bubble bath, I bet he would like that. So I put some baby wash in the water and it bubbled up. I put him in and what happens??

This...he hated it! I am not sure if it was the bubbles or being sick. He stood up and wailed till I took him out. I then scooped most of the bubbles out and put him back in. He continued to scream so I quickly rinsed him with the soapy water figuring that was as good a bathing as I was gonna get. It was so sad...but so cute. I really do think it was just because he didn't feel well. I think I will try the bubbles another day and see what happens. I do have Halloween pics but I will save that for another post.

Oh I almost forgot! He turned out to have Roseola. A virus that causes a high fever for 4 days and then followed by a rash for 2-4 days. The rash is pretty much gone at this point. I am kinda mad that I didn't hear about this from anybody till his 3rd Dr. visit! I mean I know they wanted to make sure that he didn't have an infection but someone could have at least thought hey...high fever with no symptoms...could be Roseola! Anyway he is doing better now.