Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh the things you will learn...

So Malcolm has been very busy lately. Mostly learning all sorts of new things, all I can say is he certainly takes after his

We also have finally gotten our yard in so there are a few pics of that. We still have to get some bark in but it is mostly done...finally!! Thanks to those who came and helped on various occasions.

Things I have Malcolm..

Opening doors is fun!

I can program the DVR to record whatever I want!

Mason wears the coolest shirts

Typing is easy, I got Daddy beat already

Piano? A snap...I will be a star any day now

It can snow even when the sky is blue

Watching the grass grow is cool, it just shows up!

Next out backyard...I'm coming!


dragonb said...

what a cutie. The day they figure out how to open cupboards is a pretty exciting one!

Jimbo said...

That's some flippin sweet sod layin you got there. Sorry I missed it!

Lacey said...

yes it is so wonderful when they learn how to get into things they aren't supposed to...wait they learn that pretty early

no worries helped more than most earlier.

Evelyn said...

He is too cute!! I cant wait to see him. Time has gone by so fast i can't believe how fast he is growing!

Anonymous said...

Lacey, you buy the cutest shirts for that kid!!! LOL! I love the pooping one! Your house looks great. What is Malcolm going to be for halloween? We have a Rockstar, Spiderman, and a puppy. You just cant go wrong!

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way- Its me Candice that is the anonymous person! P.S. Myspace is better! :)

Lacey said...

lol..thanks candy...btw that was Mason in the pooping shirt...not