Monday, January 14, 2008

Post Christmas

Ok so here are the long awaited Christmas photo's, and then some. It's taken me so long to get them on because Malcolm was sick and then I was sick so I was a little busy. We also have gotten a ton of snow. I will post some pics of the huge walls of snow along our street. Anyway enough chit chat on to the adorable one!

Grandma Barrett got me a laptop!

Apparantly pyrex makes me cry

Look at all the stuff Santa brought!

This book is cool

Open it it!

Mario Galaxy...sweet!

Yeah unwrapping is awesome Mom!

New shoes...all right!

Mrs. Claus got Gampa Tutor a nice of her

Santa came to Gamma Tutor's house too...he went kinda crazy

Random Cuteness

Bath time with cousin Brandon

Who says snow is cold??

Whoa this snow is taller than me!

Help the chair trapped me!

Mom saved me from the chair...all is well

Mom just has to put up these cute pics of me


Hey...there are no balls coming out of the popper

Check out Mason...he can pull himself up now