Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Warming Up

So I am glad that it has been kinda warm the past few days. One, it's helping some of our snow to melt which is good. If it all waits until the spring to melt we could be in some trouble, who knows where all that water will go. Speaking of all of our snow I was starting to get really mad last week because our street hadn't been plowed in over a week and another storm was coming. Because it hadn't been plowed they couldn't pick up our garbage, at that point I got fed up and called the city. Much to my surprise a snowplow showed up less than 10 min. later to plow our street! I think it was because I was super nice to the girl I talked to. If you call and yell that just makes them mad and less likely to fulfill your request in a timely manner.

Two, we got a chance to take some family pics up in PC. I still need to get Malcolm's one year photo's but I am working on that. Anywho here are a few of my favs. I even enhanced some of them.

Ok so we are kinda laughing in this one but I think it's cute

What a funny face...lol

Cousin Brandon is now bigger than Malcolm, he is 4 months younger than Malcolm.


Bob said...

I agree, I think that "nice complaining" gets you so much farther than just yelling at someone (even if we do want to do that latter often).

Amanda Jean said...

I really like hair! CUTE!