Friday, March 21, 2008

Troublemaker 101

So March has been slow for us. Just chilling at home a lot and that means getting into Ok so he doesn't get into that much trouble but he thinks he does. So here are a few tips from Malcolm on how to be a huge trouble maker.

Make sure that all video game controllers are in your hands at all times. Even if that means stealing them from the Easter Bunny.

When your mom won't give you the camera make sure you knock her down and scream about it.

Get your minions to make trouble like eating household electroncs.

When you make a really big mess make sure you are proud of it and show off your handiwork.

Make sure you break something every once in awhile...shows them that you mean business!
(Malcolm didn't actually break the string...I did. It was after he decided to tune it so I was trying to fix it and bam a string broke. If you enlarge the picture you might be able to see that the string is actually lodged in the wood. Lucky it wasn't my eye!)

When playing with others make sure you get them to hurt themselves. Here I got my Dad to hit his head on the piano leg...ha ha ha!

Finally when being a troublemaker make sure you have a rocking attitude...pick up a cool instrument like the drums.