Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Non Insightful Post

So I never seem to make insightful posts about life. I have thoughts about doing it sometimes but in the end I just want to post pictures with witty captions. So sorry to anybody who likes to think deep thoughts...you will have visit other blogs for that. Instead enjoy the captions, even if they aren't that witty.

Time for a drive

Hey why is this thing not going...better check the engine

whoo...swinging till I barf!

Waaahhh! I don't wanna take a bath

See Mom this goes in there...

Then you shut the door.


Mars said...

Hey, don't get down on your blog. Your blog is plenty witty. Your captions are much better than mine, (of course, that's not saying much...) and no other blog has ever tricked me into believing two human beings existed that really didn't, even if it was only for a few seconds....