Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here...have a shovel.

So I am handing out shovels for anyone else who would like to pile it on. GRRR....I am tired of it all. I have been trying really hard to upbeat lately but I just can't do it today.

I got fed up last night and was going to write this post but this morning I had decided not to since I was feeling better. I am writing it now since all the other things I was going to do didn't work out. I just got some copies of a new workout DVD from my sister and I thought I would try it, and for those of you who don't know this...I DO NOT exercise so this was a big thing. So I finally am trying to start working out and I go to put it in and the stupid DVD player is not working!! RAH so I decide fine I will get the pics off the camera and make a cute post. I come in the computer room and the stupid camera battery is dead...again!! I don't know how but the dumb thing seems to drain itself even when it is not on. So now I am grumpy again and the rant post is back on!

Malcolm has been continually sick since the his hospital stay. First it was a cold, then it was pink eye...and now that cold has morphed into a sinus infection and a double ear infection!! On top of all that I think he is also teething again because he is drooling like crazy. I feel so bad for the little guy but he seems to be dealing with it pretty well so you would think that I could.

Both Wyatt and I have been on and off kinda sick for the past few weeks which is annoying because there isn't anything you can do but be crabby and tired. Poor Wyatt separated his shoulder last Friday and is wearing a sling. The pain keeps him up at night at he has a hard time getting comfortable. It is also a really bad time for it because we need to finish our yard. We just got a letter yesterday saying that it had to be done in 7 days or they would start fining us $50 a day until it is done! We had planned on being done in the next couple of weeks anyway but since Wyatt got hurt we are behind schedule and we don't know when it is going to get done now. I can only do so much cause I am too girly. I have no problem doing the work it is just it takes me 3 times as long to do the same thing as Wyatt.

I tried to call our HOA to talk to them but they didn't answer and you know they won't call me back anytime soon. If they fine me I am going to fine them $50 a day for everyday that they don't have that park in. There is supposed to be a park around the corner from us. I was all excited because it was going to be in for this summer which Malcolm would love. I should also fine them $50 a day for everyday that the pool is not open. That was supposed to be open last year. Bah all I have to say to the HOA is..


I know that things aren't that bad I just feel like all the little things are piling up and I just need to whine about it today. I know once I think about all the good little things in my life I will feel better. Those can pile up too which is nice. Anyway sorry for the post but I just wanted to get it all out. Come back next week and I will get those pics up...once I charge the camera battery...


Jimbo said...

Death to HOAs!!! No, seriously. I've got this "guy" who "takes care of stuff"
Tell Wyatt to get his brothers there tomorrow, and I'll be there too. Lets knock this thing out! Call me.

Mars said...


I can help too. I am somewhat less girly than you, so I can come over next week and you can stay inside with the baby farm, and I will stay outside and do manual labor...assuming there are no sprinklers to be laid...

Jocie said...

yea HOA's suck! they kept trying to fine me for not picking the "weeds" in my front yard. They were my flowers! Ok so they looked pretty bad. I gave up on my yard before I even started. I only have a garden because my mom weeded and planted flowers. We got some sod for the bare patches (we hired a company to kill the weeds and clover) and it died too. eh, I will be more worried next year when Rome wants to play outside.