Friday, August 01, 2008

Pioneer Day

So the 24th of July is known as Pioneer Day here in good ol' Utah. It's a day we celebrate the arrival of the pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley, it's also an excuse for another summer holiday(info for the very few of you who don't actually live here). In the morning we made a big breakfast and watched the parade on TV. I figure we will actually go to one when our kids are old enough to In the afternoon we went to our friends house for a BBQ and fireworks. Malcolm had a blast in kiddie pool but was a little nervous of the fireworks. By the end of the "show" he was alright with them though.

Since the 24th was a Thursday Wyatt took Friday off of work too so we could have a nice long weekend. We too the opportunity to go up to East Canyon to play on the Jet Ski's...whoot so much fun!

Malcolm loves to stand up in the pool and then splash down onto his bottom

Oooo pretty sparkler

Jim and his daughter Jackie enjoying the sparklers too

Taking a ride on our friends scooter...beep beep!

Malcolm felt that he needed to ride a car at the same time as our "show".

Malcolm refused to sit on the Jet Ski...I think he liked to see where we were going

Malcolm had fun but we kept it pretty slow because he was a little nervous

Wyatt going for a ride on the tube...he only tumbled a few times


Annie said...

Lacey! Your blog is so cute! I love all the pictures! You've got a cute fam! I've been meaning to read your blog, but it seems to escape my memory, BUT I've put you in my blog bookmark, so I'll be stopping by more often!