Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hair Cut

Well I have been wanting to learn how to cut hair with clippers so I went and bought some at Walmart. I looked on line for some instructions as well as read the booklet that came with the clippers. Last week I cut Wyatt's hair with them and it turned out pretty good. I made a couple of little mistakes but you can't really tell and now I know what to avoid doing. Last night I took the plunge and I cut Malcolm's hair. Not just a trim like I had done a couple of times before...I gave him a real hair cut! He wasn't so hot on the clippers so we did the bottom part as quickly as possible. I thought about using the clippers on top too but he was moving too much so I just used scissors. I put on a movie and gave him a popsicle and he held still pretty well. I think it came out pretty good if I do say so myself!

Enjoying a popsicle and watching Baby Einstein before we begin

Here is my new haircut!! It's short but hey it's summer.
(He was too grumpy last night to get a pic so this is lunch today)

Bonus! Pudding Monster!!

Last week he climbed into his booster seat all by himself and was pretty pleased with himself

Here is some fun play time with daddy...Malcolm loves to growl now.

LOL...this video just cracks me up.
(I know it starts out dark but that doesn't last too long)


Mars said...

LOL! I love that growling picture. That is so cute!

I think his haircut came out well. It was getting pretty long.

That bruise does look bad! Ick!

Cindy said...

Nice job with the haircuts. I just recently started cutting Josh's hair myself, it's a lot of fun!