Monday, October 06, 2008

I am a Giddy Schoolgirl

Ok so for those of you who don't know, I am a reader. I mostly read sci-fi/fantasy with a few random classics and bestsellers thrown in. I finally decided that I should read the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer. All I have to say is OMG..and I say that in total schoolgirl kind of voice.

Now I am not saying that this is the best book I have ever is not. The thing I like about this series is the simpleness of it. It is a super fast read and it will totally take you back to high school and your first crush. Yes the main female character is totally stupid and really just needs a good throttling sometimes but in reality every high school girl is like that at least for a little while. The main male character is totally dreamy and magically does all the fabulous things that a young girl wishes her crush would say/do. In reality no guy is like this and really if a girl acted as dumb as Bella Swan there is no way that someone as perfect as Edward Cullen would stay with her. Despite that I still loved these books just because they made me giddy like a school girl again. Anything that can make me giggle has to be good, but that is not the only reason I liked them. There were some interesting plot twists and of course lots of Vampires. I thought some of her ideas on what a vampire really is were very interesting and more than once the direction she took the story was surprising.

Anyway I recommend these books to anyone who wants a fast easy read that is thoroughly enjoyable. And yes I am totally seeing the movie when it comes out...yeah for a girls night out!


Cindy said...

I am glad to hear you like these books. I am in the middle of the first one right now, and loving it!

Mars said...

ohmanohmanohman! *hyperventilates*

I just finished the fourth book right now. Like literally, I closed the book seconds before I came here.

The third was my favorite, I think. Well, the fourth had some of my favorite parts. Hard to say. But I will say this: do not let teenage girls read these books. I know that is really the intended audience, but they are very damaging in my opinion. I am married, and it is, I am ashamed to say, difficult for me to not compare my husband to Edward. Because Edward is perfect. He is thoughtful and selfless and loving, attentive, giving, not to mention smoking hot. Such a person does not exist, at least not all the freaking time and every quality at once. So when Edward reacts to something in some amazingly selfless way, every time, it is so easy to say, I want a guy who does that. But there isn't one. There are great guys, there are guys who act like that sometimes. But the standard here is so unrealistic, I think it sets up dangerous expectations for the inexperienced. Honestly, there is waiting for a good thing, and there is expecting the impossible. And judging human men against Edward Cullen, as young infatuated girls are sure to do, is the latter.

But yeah, I still liked them. And I am still in love with Edward Cullen, as irrational as I know it is... :)

I can't wait to see the movie.
I "♥" Edward!

Lacey said...

Hmm..yes I too would strongly recommend against letting your impressionable teenage girls read them. Although that may be hard to prevent them from reading it so at the very least have a long conversation with them about how Edward and guys like him will never exist, as well as realistic expectations for what to look for in a husband. Of course dont' just have this convo once...have it often and she will be sure to get the idea.

Lacey said...

that now concludes words of wisdom for someone who has no experience with teenage girls except for having been one.

(I liked 4 the best and 2 the least)