Monday, October 27, 2008

Purty Yard

So I tried to post this last week but Blogger was not to that! Anyway here are some pics of us working on the yard and lots of pithy commentary...really it's all that I am good for. Also don't miss the update on my Dad at the bottom of the post.

Ever wonder what 4 tons of rocks looks like? Well now you know...never knew it could be so cute!

Wyatt and Dave moving rock...sorta...more like standing around if you ask me

Ok they really did move it all

I know you all think that I just stand around and take pictures all the time but I really do work

The finished product...aren't we so fancy?

Never knew a riverbed could cost so much..good thing it looks nice

Malcolm loves the new yard...lots of rocks and bark to throw everywhere

Here is my Dad on Sunday after he fell. Apparently his head looked horrible the day before but it all went away by the time I saw it. He had surgery on Wednesday, they put some pins in his wrist. He had a hard time after the surgery with his pain meds but after staying the night they got things figured out and he is doing fine now. I just talked to my Mom and he is back at work today with a sling on and is doing pretty well. He will have a cast or a splint for the next 8 weeks and then they will take the pins out. Overall we feel very lucky that he was not hurt more severely. Thanks for all your prayers...I know they helped!


Mars said...
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Mars said...

Ooops. Anyway.

Wow your house looks nice! I am super impressed.

Also, the fact that you posted about dad while I posted about meeting some guy makes me feel about yea big *indicates a small amount*

Lacey said...

lol...well if anything actually exciting ever happened to me maybe I would post about it instead

Mars said...

Disney Land IS exciting!

Lacey said...

lol...ok that is true but that is still not 100% sure so I am saving that for later.