Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Dad Fell!

Well I was planning on writing a post about all the rocks and bark we put out at our house this weekend but that will just have to wait. Saturday morning my Dad fell off a ladder while cleaning out the gutters at his house. When I first heard the news all I knew was he had fallen off the roof. At that point I was kinda freaking out because if any of you have been to my parents house you know that most places you could fall off the roof are 2 to 3 stories high. My sister said that he was conscious though and that he had broken his arm. My Mom raced him down to the U hospital and I called her a little later.

I found out that what had actually happened was he was on the ladder on the back deck, which was wet, and the ladder slipped and he tried to fall on his side but he still hit his head pretty hard. He still fell almost from roof height though since he was digging in the gutters, but at least it wasn't into the woods or onto the driveway from a couple of stories. His wrist got dislocated which apparently is way more painful than just a break. All the pain made him nauseous and then the pain meds made him nauseous so they kept him overnight until he was feeling better. They also decided that he did get a concussion...another reason they kept him. He is home now and is going back on Monday to decide if he needs surgery on his hand or not. I will be visiting today and maybe I can convince him to let me get some pics since I hear he has a pretty bruise on his head.

Anyway I just thought I should put this up since I know a lot of people who read this know my parents as well. It was a pretty scary day even though we knew he was going to be ok. Thanks in advance for any prayers anyone has for my Mom and Dad!


Nate and Chelsea said...

Prayers galore! Sorry to hear about that, that really sucks. But like you said, it could have been much worse. I will be sending out some healing ~*WOO*~ for him!

Jocie said...

Wow! Parents have been falling everywhere lately! Josh's parents came and his mom has a broken shoulder from falling and his dad hurt his ankle so they lounged around our house covered in ice. I hope your dad feels better soon. I know wrist injuries stink. Mine wasn't broken either. It only took them a month to figure that out. said...

Holy Crap! I'm glad Mike is okay. I would've never know had you not posted this. Thank for doing so. It makes want to stay more in touch with Mike and Lorena more often. I kind of don't see you guys ever.

Glad it wasn't worse. I'll ahve to call him. :P