Friday, October 10, 2008

Yeah Real!

So last night we went to the first Real Soccer game at their new stadium. We went to a game earlier this year and left Malcolm with a sitter but this time we decided to take him. I was worried that it would be too cold for us but we bundled pretty good and it seemed to work out fine. We had to park like a mile away which sucked because we had to carry Malcolm, well mostly Wyatt did, but man he gets heavy after awhile. I guess it is better than getting towed though...apparently a lot of people got towed last night cause everybody is being jerks about the new stadium. They were towing people who parked in the empty Lowe's lot! What do they care it's not like anybody else needed to park there. I swear people need to get over it...the stadium has been's not going away!

Ha ha...anyway...the game was so much fun! Malcolm loved it. I wasn't sure how he would react but he didn't cry or whine the whole time even though it was way past his bedtime. Well that's not entirely true...the lion mascot scared the crap out of He was coming up our isle and I took him out so he could see him since he acted like he thought he was cool. We got up close and he was fine and then the lion reached out to touch his hand and he freaked out. I felt bad but he got over it once he was gone.

Well here are a few pics of the action and even a video...enjoy!

The new stadium in all its glory

The people next to Wyatt are Chelsea and Brent, aka Mason's parents.

See don't we look cozy? Don't let the sweatshirts fool ya..Malcolm has on an undershirt, a thermal onesie and long sleeve shirt on under there.


Mason you look cozy too!

I think this is the other teams its a good action shot

This one looks like the two guys on the right are not working very they were. The score was 1 to 1

Took me a second to figure out that the giant flag was shaped like the they were opening it up I was like why the heck is it not square...who made that thing.


dragonb said...

Hey, I was there too, it was a lot of fun. And I had similar thoughts about the flag.. :)