Thursday, November 13, 2008

Firsts and Fun

So it is time again to make a post chuck full of pictures that consists mainly of my child's utter cuteness. Do I sound conceited when I say that?? (heck yes you do) LOL...enjoy!

First snow of the season...I'll help shovel!

First snowball of the season...incoming!

That looks like fun...let me try

Malcolm's first snowball!

Check me out...

First time by myself!


I hadn't given him a bubble bath since the first time he was sick and hated he is very intrigued

First time electrocution? Ha ha...not yet anyway

First time hammering as a one armed man?? Maybe...he did break that same arm before so who knows.

Malcolm's first time hammering...oh yeah!

Brandon's first time on a ladder...or at least trying to get on a ladder

Partners in hammering

First time the camera has caught so much dust in the air...gross!

Malcolm's first salad...we were eating it and he asked for some....

and he loved it!


Mars said...

OMG! What a cutie! I'm totally gonna try this on BAM!

Jocie said...

Yea for firsts! And snowballs, bubbles, and salad!