Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Baby Chicks

So for all of you who have expressed undying love for Malcolm's squeaky shoes I will be placing an order for some more. Feel free to check out their SITE and if you want to order with me to save on shipping just let me know. I will wait a week or two to give you time to think on it. They have a ton of super cute girl stuff but they do also have a decent selection of boys shoes. Oh and even if you hate the squeaking just know that they are a good price if you like the softer rubber soles for proper foot development and that the squeaker can be removed and replaced super easy.


Mars said...

Yes. *squeak* I'm sure loads *squeak* of people *squeak* have expressed love *squeak* for those *squeak* shoes. *squeak* *squeak* *squeak*

Is it still a good/necessary thing to wear soft shoes for propper foot development even though he can walk...? is barefoot no good inside?

Lacey said...

Just because you find the squeak annoying does not mean that a lot of other people don't find it awesome.

So just because they can walk their feet have stopped growing?? In other words yes it is still good for them to have the softer soled shoes. Barefoot is fine too.