Monday, November 03, 2008

Trick or Treat!

So Halloween was fabulous fun. Last weekend we went to Chelsea's Birthday/Halloween party where we ate and got to visit with lots of friends. Then on Halloween we went to Jim and Teresa's house and ate and played some games and took the kids trick or treating.

The Costumes

Little China Man...Malcolm got this outfit when he was came all the way from Beijing! Thanks Shaun and Lori!

I got this hat from the mall...don't you just love the braid on the back??

Lovely Geisha...this Kimono came from Japan when Wyatt's Dad was stationed there.

I worked hard on my make-up...and yes that is my own hair!

Hello Sailor! This is one of Wyatt's Dad's uniforms.

Ah the happy family, The Sailor, The Geisha, and their Love Child

One more family portrait...

The Friends

I know...I'm scared too

Drink up Bella...that demon baby needs that blood! (her sweatshirt says "forks")

See Sarah Palin is just like us...she eats fries too!

Officer Lisa and Prisoner Luke

Kitty Kat Chelsea and her Zombie Cousin

The Fun

Yummy cake made by even had pumpkin filling...Wyatt's favorite!

Mummy Contest...our little mummy kept ripping of his wrapping

Come on...lets get that candy!

So happy to have run to the next house!

And we will end with a little Kung Fu and foreign speaking for your pleasure


kids taxi driver said...

Hi, it is nevadarebel from LP. I love the costumes!!!! I added you to my blogroll.

Jocie said...

Sooo Cute Lace! I love the ghosts behind your one picture. It makes it look chinese-ee. Looks like you had fun!

Mars said...

I didn't know Pegga was pregnant! And with Edward's demon semen. Sweet for her. What exactly is Jim supposed to be? (He looks like a creepy topless guy in a cape. Is that a costume?)

YOu guys looked great! That make up looks almost painful!

Lacey said...

Thanks nevadarebel! I will check out your blog too!

Jo, I decorated our front porch and left out a bowl of candy because I felt bad that we weren't going to be there. I am sure some jerky kid ended up with most of the candy but that is on his

Jim is the guy from 300...this is sparta! So are you saying that last year we looked painful?? I mean because we wore the same costumes last year...although Wyatt's beard was more better than Joes...sorry man. said...

Pegah is Pregnant? no she isn't...

I love how you incorporated your illegitimate child into your costume. lol!

Glad you guys had fun. Makes me sad I missed it but you know, gotta maintain my single life! :P

Love you all! And miss you too!