Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So this Christmas was a little crazy for us. Between our trip to Disneyland, Wyatt's Grandfather's passing, and my Dad having emergency surgery we were lucky that we even got a tree this year. As it was we didn't decorate it until Christmas Eve. Even though it was crazy I still feel like it was a good Christmas. Disneyland was great, Malcolm loved it all! (yes I will get the pics from the rest of the trip up soon) We really enjoyed watching him figure out the rides, by the end he couldn't wait to get on them.
The funeral was beautiful and we got to see so much of the family and when it was time for us to go to the grave site it stopped snowing and the sun was shining. My Dad's surgery went well and they were able to get all the infection the first time. Luckily we had had already celebrated his Birthday and Christmas before it happened so we didn't have any huge plans get ruined. He was in the hospital over Christmas but we were able to visit him often and I think the holiday turned out alright.

I know you are all jealous of his cool foam holdy thingy

OK well you can be jealous of his extra Birthday present...Settlers of Catan...man I need to be in the hospital for my Birthday...I want extra presents!

At home Malcolm had fun helping decorate the tree and is loving all his new toys. On Christmas Day he was very excited to rip all the presents open. He is really enjoying his new toys and his favorite seems to be the Potato Head. We ended up staying in because of all the snow, which in a way was fun because it was just us together having a White Christmas.


Putting ornaments on

All finished

Stockings make me cry

I love what is inside though!


All together now

Ripping fun!

Potato Head...yeah!

Ring Pop for breakfast...mmm (not really...gosh!)

When I am done I am so going to Godzilla this

I am an advanced titanium compound...just like Mom and Dad's new pans


Jocie said...

That Malcolm is just so cute! glad all turned out well.

Nate and Chelsea said...

Looks like tons of fun! Your boy has an infectious giggle! :)

Klucky said...

OK so can I say how proud I am of you guys for using the super cool lights on your tree!! Those are the same ones we use and they are the best!!
Super cute pics!
So funny the stocking made him cry! Little Dude does that at really random stuff too (like the toaster).

Oh, by the way, you've been tagged on my blog!

TAG YOU'RE IT! :) *runs away*