Monday, January 19, 2009

Trip Post 2- Sea World

Ok here they are! I finally got all our trip pictures on the right computer and found the time to make a would think that it's impossible to do some of these things at Anyway we arrived in San Diego late on Sunday afternoon. It took us forever to get there because of all the people going back to California after Thanksgiving. Even though we were stuck in the desert for a few extra hours Malcolm did really well in the car. Once to our hotel Wyatt convinced them to upgrade our room for free since they had part of our reservation wrong. They didn't mind since they were basically empty anyway, and we certainly loved it!

Monday morning we set off to visit Sea World. There were so few people there at times we felt like we were the only ones there. It was so nice to not have to wait in any lines or go early to the shows. We knew that even if we showed up a couple of minutes late we would still get a good seat. Here are a bunch of photo's from our day.

Sweet...short sleeves and sandals in December

Malcolm's first ride! They had a super cute little Sesame Street themed area with a few rides and playground equipment. This one is like the Teacups, Malcolm wasn't sure what to think of the rides at first, at least he knew that he didn't dislike them.

Here is an Elmo ride(aka The Dumbo ride). Malcolm liked hanging with Papa

Up and down in our Elmo Catfish

This ride was was a giant eel that went up and down like the Tidal Wave, but it also spun around!

By this point he was really starting to get the idea of what a ride was...big smiles

Climbing around on the cushy ground...what fun!

Here I come through the seaweed tunnel!

Taking a break in the "pool" a really squishy slightly bouncy area just for toddlers.

Sweet Dolphin show...even though it was the same as it was 5 years ago

This polar bear kept walking around in circles right up next to the glass...

Malcolm really liked that...he kept saying bear...bear

Wyatt growling in the replica bear cave...Malcolm wouldn't go in since it was kinda dark and was making bear

Gazing at all the big animals

Beluga Whale


Up close and personal with a shark

Chomp...we're sharks

Getting a closer look at...


ooo...check that out...

Big jump!

Reach out and touch...ok well he would reach out but he would never touch...kinda freaked him

Mommy got to touch him though...such fun

Pose for the camera Flipper

Rides round I am really liking this!

So excited to be in an Elmo clown fish with Nana

Merry Christmas from Sea World....gotta love the fish tree.

Up next...The San Diego Zoo!


Chelsea said...

Looks like so much fun! I didn't know they had rides at Sea World! I haven't been there for so long, but I would LOVE to go back! :)

Klucky said...

Wow my kids would go nuts for the Sesame Street stuff! Looks like Malcom had a blast! Makes me wanna take my kiddos down there even more now!

Mars said...

Did I say so cute yet? SO CUTE! I bet you guys had a blast watching Malcom's reactions to everything. FUN!

Jaime @ Just Add Laughter said...

Great pics! I bought Sea World Passports in December, and we STILL haven't gone! We also have our APs for DL!

We have not been since they closed Happy Harbour, so we haven't seen the Sesame Street fun! Gotta do that, soon!

I've tagged you on Just Add Laughter!

Shannon said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Your family is so cute!

BTW I found your blog hrough facebook.