Friday, February 20, 2009

Bad Blogger

So I am so slow at getting any blogging done right now...I keep thinking of things to write about and then forgetting...and yes I know I still haven't gotten up the rest of the trip pictures. The good news is that our basement is practically done! We just have a couple things to finish up and then it will be done. I have been telling myself that the reason I have been neglectful is because I am too busy with the basement...ha...only partially true.

Anywho here is a lovely rant for you and then in a couple of weeks I will get those trip pics up...I swear!

So Tuesday I had an eye appointment at 9:00 am at an office near Fashion Place Mall. In order to get to this appointment I had to move a dental appointment that I had made for the same time (that is what happens when you schedule these things 6months out). I also had to skip my exercise class and Malcolm had to eat breakfast in the car. It was also supposed to be snowing a lot so I wasn't even sure if I should be going and almost canceled. Well I didn't and I forced myself to get there on time because I thought he was a good Dr. and I hate canceling last minute because it causes them to lose business. I get there and the receptionist says...oh the Dr. isn't in on Tuesdays. WHAT? sent me a card with the appointment on it. She says...oh well I think so and so who was here last year made appointments with out actually scheduling them. WHAT?

Ok so I reschedule for a few days later because I am kind in shock at the moment...I get out to my car and know what...I am not coming here. So I went back in and said...nevermind I changed my mind...I won't be coming here anymore. I wanted to yell at her but Malcolm was freaking out because he wanted to push the elevator button and yelling at stupid people never gets you anywhere. So I am going to yell at her on here instead...ha ha

I don't appreciate the fact that you are trying to blame this mistake on others. You sent me the card therefore you should have checked the appointment, therefore it is your fault. Take some responsibility for it. Don't tell me you are sorry unless you really mean it. I don't need your pathetic "I'm sorry this happened" especially when you are throwing it in at the end as I am leaving. Obviously you don't care that I rearranged my whole morning to be here so obviously you don't care about me as a patient. When you don't care about your patients you lose them...just like you just lost me, and all the people I will tell.

So here I am telling you all not to go see Dr. Stuart Anderson of Precision Eye Care, his office doesn't even care enough to schedule appointments correctly and doesn't even try to make things right. Rant over.


dragonb said...

Don't have a great eye recommendation, but for the best dentist in the valley go to Dr Marberger. Here's near Valley Fair mall too in Murray.

Lacey said...

so kind of you Brian...but I already have the best dentist in the valley...Dr.Drury...been going to him since we moved here when I was 8...even when I lived in PC...I won't go anywhere else. Wyatt went to some other guy and wasn't pleased and now knows how great Dr.Drury is and that he is worth a little travel.