Thursday, April 09, 2009

Random Fun

So I know that my blog hasn't been the most cohesive thing lately since I am just randomly putting up my backlog from the past couple of months...and yeah I had no point with this sentence...ha ha...just letting you know that I know that I am making no sense with my know? And to further make it more crazy here are a bunch of random fun pics of Malcolm.

I got a baby (no we are not Y's from a memorable Halloween Costume)

Tucking in the baby

Snuggle up all cozy

Now it's time for a covers cave!

This is so much fun!

See how much fun the baby is having?

Brandon and Mason come play playdough

Just a minute and I will cut you a piece

Malcolm and Mason...Arctic Explorers!

Look...uncharted territory up ahead

Forging through treacherous terrain

Victory! The neighbors driveway has now been discovered!


Wyatt said...

Oh those are some gems!

Mars said...

Darling. I love the captions. and I like your new background, too. :)