Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It must be that time of year...

So it seems like at least once a year several bad things happen to us all at once. Since it has been rainy lately the phrase "when it rains it pours" comes to mind. Wyatt's car started misfiring last week and we took it in to Tunex. They said they weren't sure what the problem was but that we should clean the fuel injectors and change the spark plugs...too bad one of the spark plugs is seized in there. Fabulous so we pay them $150 to clean the fuel injectors and take it home. Oops still misfiring like crazy so Wyatt takes it to the Honda dealer and they tell us after several tests and $100 that basically we need a new engine. WHAT?! Oh but it will only cost us $3300...nevermind that the car is only worth $4000. Whatever like we are going to get it fixed at the dealer.

Anyway now we are faced with whether to fix the car or sell it. We found a place that can do all the repairs for $2000. We could fix it and try to sell it right off, or keep it for while and then sell it later. We could sell it as is since it still drives and once fixed should drive for quite awhile longer...however who knows how much we can get out of it. We could not fix it and drive it into the ground and then sell it for parts. Before we can pick any of these options Wyatt wants to get the seized spark plug out and our mechanically minded friend will help us decide if we really do need a new engine or not. We might be able to replace the head gasket and be OK for a while. The rain keeps thwarting our attempts to do anything however.

If anybody has any good ideas please let us know.