Thursday, June 04, 2009

Super Cast Malcolm!

So we went to the Orthopedic specialist yesterday and they said that we should just cast it and the fracture should heal just fine. I was pretty excited by that because even though splinting would mean a less serious fracture it would also mean something that I could NOT get wet. With the cast I asked for the waterproof padding which means he CAN get the cast wet. Now I can give him a bath, and he can even go swimming! Also he only has to have it on for a month, I was expecting 6 weeks.

Malcolm was so awesome at the appointment. They took 2 more x-rays while we were there and he got a little upset when I told him that we were going to take more pictures of his arm. I am sure he remembered how much it hurt last time. But once in the room the nurse gave him some playdough and a sticker and he stopped crying. They didn't take off the splint for the x-rays so it didn't hurt him at all.

While the Dr was casting it he said he was going to have to push and hold his elbow for a minute. Malcolm said "I like it" while the Dr was putting on the waterproof wrap and the Dr said "well you won't in a minute". Of course I am like great it's going to hurt and he is going to scream. So the Dr gets the cast wrap on and starts squeezing his arm and Malcolm doesn't make a peep. He was just talking to us about Mike and Sully (Monster's Inc). I was so proud of him! He was so great the whole time and only cried a little when we were going to the x-ray room, and honestly I think that was more the nurse was freaking him out. She kept trying to be his comforter and holding his hand and picking him up and moving him. I am like seriously do you think you should be doing that? Or how about his Mom..hello! She took his hand and he yells "no...hold Mommy's hand". Ha ha...I know she was just trying to be nice but no matter how nice you are Mommy is always better!

Anyway again to prove how happy Malcolm is with his cast here is a fabulous video


dragonb said...

What an awesome kid!

Chelsea said...

He is so adorable! :)

Dena said...

Oh my gosh Lacey I just wanna bite him he's so cute!!! :D
Little Dude does the "cheese" thing all the time too, it's hilarious!

Evelyn said...

What a tough kid He is so dang cute!! Tell Malcolm that we love him and get better soon!