Tuesday, June 02, 2009


So things aren't so hot at our house right now but Malcolm doesn't seem to notice. I have been sick for a month now and I am now starting round two of antibiotics to get rid of my sinus infection. Wyatt's car just started having trouble today and they still aren't sure what is wrong with it other than a seized spark plug. And the biggest owie in our life right now happened yesterday.

Malcolm was at my sister's house playing with his cousin on the love sack and ended up hitting his elbow and fracturing it! Wyatt and I were out so we didn't see it and my sister was just around the corner in the kitchen so she isn't even sure what he hit is on...he just started crying saying he needed a kiss. When he didn't stop crying and was freaking out if anybody touched his left arm we knew something was wrong. I thought it might be nursemaids elbow for awhile but when Wyatt and I got there to take him to the Dr. it was starting to swell so that was thrown out the window.

Malcolm kept telling me that his arm was hurt and I told him that we were taking him to the Dr. to get it fixed and that it would feel better after that. At the Instacare he kept telling everybody that he saw that his arm hurt and that they should fix it and make it feel better. It was so cute and he was so brave the whole time. When we were getting the x-rays he cried out and kept saying "ow ow ow" when we had to straighten it but he would calm right down after we let go of him. I was expecting him to scream like he was being murdered but he never did. I was really impressed with how well he handled it. The Dr. said she was pretty sure that his elbow was broken but we had to have the radiologist look it over. Before we left they put a splint on and said to give him Ibuprofen and that they would call us with the official results of his x-rays.

So today I thought he would be hating life but really it was just like any other day. He is really good about keeping his sling on and letting me put ice packs in it. He played all day just like normal and wasn't grumpy at all. It is simply amazing to me how resilient kids really are. While putting this post together I got the official call from the radiologist. They told me that he has a fracture in his humerus(the upper arm bone). I asked if he would need a cast but the girl said that it could go either way. So I guess we won't know anything until we get in to see and orthopedist. For now we are stuck with the splint. I have no idea how I am going to bathe him...lol. Anyway to show how good his spirits are we took a video of him today...how can someone be so cute with a broken elbow...er fractured humerus??

Still smiling

Check out my splint...it's cool

Mommy says to keep it in front like this...oh yeah...."cheese"

So you can see the ice pack sticking out the bottom of the sling. He is wearing his new sunglasses that we got this morning while I was picking up my new antibiotics. He wore them all day. Hopefully I won't lose these ones like his last pair.


Jocie said...

That video is way cute! and he is totally rockin' those sunglasses. Glad he is doing okay with everything.

Dena said...

OMG he's so cute! I love the video! I'm happy to hear he's doing so well considering! I cried a LOT when I broke my foot, he's doing better than I did!!!

Mars said...

See! He's okay! I didn't ruin him! He's still good! He's still good!

Lacey said...

Jo-- I know right! and his surfer hair cut if finally starting to look cool too.

Dena-- He was so brave....I cried so hard when I broke a toe!

Mir--we shall see... ;)