Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Father's Day and Fun

Father's Day was fun and low key for us this year. I made Wyatt fully loaded breakfast burritos before church. Afterwards we headed to my parents house for some fabulous steak...all Dad's favorite

And now a random slew of photos for your enjoyment....

Ready to work

Wet fun at the Thanksgiving Point Children's Garden

Playing frogs with Reagan

Hee bubbles

I climbed up the ladder

Look what Brent did to my hair

Next morning it was still up...sweet

Just too cute!

Fun at the Real game

It was the dedication ceremony so they had a whole bunch of parachuters and fly overs

They also had David Archuletta sing the National Anthem and there was also a mini concert after the game

Malcolm is playing by himself a lot more and making his cars I don't know why he lays on the floor like this...but he does it a