Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cast Off!

So Malcolm got his cast off last week. I told him the day before that we would be going to get it off and that the saw would be loud. I wanted him to have time to process before we got there to help him not be so scared. And you know helped a lot! He didn't cry the whole time his cast was being cut off. Although he did cry when he was getting the x-rays. I don't blame him though, I am sure he still remembered his first x-rays last month.

The nurse showing me that it won't hurt me

Umm...I am not sure how much I like this

Oh's pretty darn cool

What do you think I am lady...a crab leg?

What? My arm! It's all white...oh wait that is the inside..she is cutting it...phew!

There's my arm...oh yeah look at that muscle

See there's my are no tears in my eyes

Can't you tell that I am completely excited to be here...that wasn't scary at all


Mars said...

What a brave boy!