Thursday, August 13, 2009


So as I said we have been doing a lot of stuff it all is in picture form...

White Trash 4th of July

Look at that baby mama

Leopard print and all

Lounging in the cutoffs...oh yeah

Shirtless kid eating hot dogs...go Mason go

Kids drinking beer
(NO! chill out it's Applebeer...aka sparkling apple juice)

Slack jawed yokel Brent...and Jim that guy who is always yelling

Sporting the fauxhawk and no shirt

Jim the tat man...

who is always packing heat

Whoo...use that hose

Driving the Jeep

Hanging out with our beer

yeah I just got my hair done...sweet

Happy 4th of July

Enjoying the fireworks

Fun Day with Cousin Brandon

I got you!

and you...

Now Malcolm is getting you

Now they got Daddy

Now on to American Fork Steel Days and the City of Fun Carnival

Look out for the Pirates

Train Conductors coming through

Malcolm loved this roller coaster with his little girlfriend...he wanted to sit by

Vrroom...going off roading

gotta love the horses

Auntie Manda sure does

Look we found some puppies after dinner

Too cute!

Picnicking with Mason

Somebody found some dirt

Brent, Mason, Chelsea, Raven, Wyatt, and Malcolm roasting Marshmallows

Malcolm loves the roasting part

So does Mommy

Days of 47 Float Preview

What a goof

Chelsea and the West Jordan Marching Band were there...Malcolm liked the music

Malcolm liked the car on this on

Floating down the Jordan river

Story teller

Go Real!

This is the Draper Float...check out our Mayors stache

It was the best one!

The fishes eyes bugged out and the boys hat flies off...super cute

Sugarhouse Park

Feeding the geese is fun

Here birdies

My turn in the water

Moving to a big boy bed

Taking the crib apart

The big boy wants to help


So much fun

I love it and I always stay in it!


Eric and Erica Waltz said...

I love the White Trash 4th of July pics...too cute!

Mars said...

Woah! Major flux of pictures! No pictures of Brandon sobbing on the scary train though. That's too bad.

You should tell Malcolm to watch out for geese. A goose bit me once. I didn't enjoy it.

Dena said...

Love love LOVE the white trash 4th of July!! I find it sad that we don't have to TRY to get our BBQs to look like that here though....hmmmm.

Jocie said...

Those are some SWEET pics on the 4th. I just went to PC, boring. Well waay better that Fruita, thats Boring!