Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ok so our house is just Wyatt is home all the time so we are working on a lot of stuff around the house and also trying to do a lot of stuff. Hence I have not been blogging...that would require time to

So that previous post about how cute I thought those birds were...yeah not so much...HATE THEM! We went and spent a few days at my parents house while they were out of town...when we came back I found that our front door was covered with tiny bugs. I mean tiny...they were like specs of dust. I knew they were coming from the bird nest.

You will probably have to enlarge the photos to see them...they are the tiny black specs all over

In this pic you can see how small they are...that is the deadbolt in the bottom of the pic

Here are about 10 or so I picked up with some tape by a penny

So after a little bit of research I figure out that they are bird mites. Ugh so gross...I also discover that they are hard to get rid of and that they bite humans and give then rashes and such. Well I see one on Malcolm and I totally freaked...we went back to my parents house and Wyatt cleaned as best he he vacuumed them all up until we could figure out how to get rid of the nest. This of course happened on a weekend so we had to wait until Monday to even call someone to ask what to do.

Once we called animal control said well if the birds have feathers we can't do anything because of the feather law...great. So we called an exterminator and they said that since House Finches are protected they can't do anything but they would be happy to come out and check anyway, you know just to make sure that they really can't do anything. Yeah I bet you would for $300...jerks. Terminex said they don't do bird mites because they can't guarantee that they can kill them...even though specifically said they did. So we decided that we would just have to get rid of it ourselves...however distasteful that might be. We left Malcolm at my parents house and were all set to get rid of the nest. Luckily enough the birds had left the nest...amazing! So we threw away the nest...wreath and all. We then spent the next 5 hours vacuuming, steaming, and cleaning the front door, walls, carpets, and floor. Then for the next two weeks we would check the walls and doors with pieces of tape and grab all the mites we saw. I think they are finally gone and nobody got bit!


Chelsea said...

Wow! Crazy! Glad you got rid of them. Hopefully... :)

Mars said...

They're sting crazy!!!