Wednesday, September 09, 2009


So August wasn't nearly as jam-packed as July...still super fun though. So once again here are our escapades in picture form.

My 10-year reunion

Yes I am that old...I didn't take that many pics because talking to everybody was just too much fun so this is all you

All dressed up and ready to go

April...still as skinny as ever

My best friend Jocie

Apparently black was the color of the

The Cabin

Alicia's parents have a cabin near Spanish fork and they graciously let us come up for a weekend. It was a board game retreat mostly. Wyatt and Tyler LOVE to play and wanted to talk about making their own board game. The cabin was the perfect excuse to get away and have some fun

Tyler showing Malcolm the finer points of UNO

Malcolm loved spending so much time outside

The view from the deck

Apples to Apples

Meadow out front

Another fabulous view

Loving the sticks and the rocks

Squirrel in the tree right by the deck

Chelsea and Nate going 4-wheeling

Our turn

Hiking...for daddy anyway

Discovery Gateway
(aka The Children's Museum)

So I got a family pass at Discovery Gateway because I think it is so much fun and it will be a great place to go in the winter especially. It was great that Wyatt was able to come with us and see all the fun. The pass lets in 4 people so if anybody wants to come I will be happy to get you and your child in for free! Or if you have a pass let me know and we can meet up and let the kids play.

Balls go up

Balls go down

Ooo I get to spray stuff

Farmer coming through

Fun magnetic shapes

Not that you can tell but Wyatt loved these...he played with them for a good 10minutes...after Malcolm had moved

Look who we ran into at the Museum...such fun!

Helicopter Pilot in training

Hey no goofing off while flying!


TravelMama said...

We'd love to join you at the museum sometime. We're always up for a playdate!

Mars said...

You look GORGEOUS in your reunion photos. Way to go!

Also, sticks and rocks rule!!!

Cori said...

I love that you love DG. I worked there for two years a put sooo much blood, sweat and tears into that place. So i'm glad people still love it!

Jocie said...

Hey the guy in the back of our photo was the only one who, after meeting me 4 times, still had no idea who I was or that we went to school together. Funny! I think he has some diminished brain cells in there. Oh and I think we both look gorgeous!